My name is Gregory – but I have this weird thing where I use “Gregory” when my name is in writing, and prefer to be called “Greg” verbally (I hate it when people call me “Gregory” verbally!).


I am a fun-loving, urban cowboy from the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia), with a deep love of music, animals and gaming. Further to this, I am also unashamedly a big, BIG fan of pretty much everything Disney, with enthusiasm for anything related to computers, telecommunications and technology in general.


Speaking of computers, telecommunications and technology, these things might be a passion of mine, but I have no trust for governments or “big data” companies, so I don’t “do” social media and keep a pretty close eye on my digital footprint. By extension, I avoid proprietary software and stick to Open Source software, where possible.


In my spare time, I am a gamer, an amateur cinematographer, occasional contributor to the OpenStreetMap project and a semi-regular contributor to the MusicBrainz project, who also has a little skill on the harmonica/harp – though it’s the violin I’d really like to be able to play!


Call me crazy, but I also have an obsession with houseboats, despite having never been on the open water. It is my goal to design and/or build my own, 100% self-sustainable houseboat (or large boat adapted for use as a houseboat) in the future, which I will live on and maybe even do a bit of traveling with.


When it comes to work, well I’ve done a bit of everything. I worked in a circus for a number of years, then I spent quite a few years in retail management (mostly telecommunications), before moving on to a career as a soldier in the Australian Army for nearly ten years. But things change and now I am about to embark on a career in the real estate industry as a property manager – I’d really like to have my own business someday though, and I’m always on the lookout for a suitable business venture.


I am most certainly unique and I am not perfect, but I do try to be a good person and I am proud of who I am…


This is me.

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