My name is Gregory – but I have this weird thing where I use “Gregory” when my name is in writing, and prefer to be called “Greg” verbally (I hate it when people call me “Gregory” verbally!)… Yeah it’s strange, but everyone has their own strange quirks and that’s one of mine.


I am an optimistic, fun-loving, urban cowboy from the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia), with a deep love of music, animals, gaming and film. In addition, I am also unashamedly a big fan of pretty much everything °o° Disney °o°, with a passion for anything related to computers, telecommunications and technology in general.


Further to this, I have an obsession with houseboats and also the Lotus Elise, the latter of which I hope to buy in the medium-term future (they’re not that expensive second-hand/used!)… But it’s probably the Porsche Boxter I’ll actually settle on, because they’re the same price second-hand/used and seem to be more reliable than the Lotus Elise.


In my spare time, I am a gamer, an urban explorer (not too much to explore on the Gold Coast though!) and a runner, with aspirations to someday complete both the Gold Coast Marathon and the Walt Disney World Marathon… Amateur cinematography is also a passion of mine, I sort-of play the harmonica/harp and I am a semi-regular contributor to numerous Open Source projects, such as MusicBrainz, OpenStreetMap and Mozilla Common Voice/DeepSpeech.


When it comes to work, well I’ve done a bit of everything… I worked in a circus for quite a few years and “freelanced” after that (performed on a contractual basis at events, in film and television, etc); I was a “strapper” (Stable Hand) for Gai Waterhouse; I was manager of numerous telecommunications retail stores (one of which became one of the biggest in the country under my leadership) and I even served my country in the Australian Army for just shy of ten years.


I was hoping to become a cop next, but I was injured whilst in the Australian Army, which has forced me to look for a new career path… As I have leadership and management skills, in addition to a customer service and administrative background, roles that meet this criteria are primarily what I am seeking – though I do have a list of “preferred employers” in my head and I would hope that at some point I can work my way into a management role with one of these companies.


Lastly, the social media thing.


For numerous reasons I won’t go into, I don’t “do” social media and I actively try to limit my “digital footprint”, so you won’t find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of that rubbish… What’s more, I keep a pretty close eye on my “digital footprint” and am forever looking at new ways to make this even smaller.


Yes some people might say I’m strange and I’m not perfect in a lot of ways, but I am a friend to everyone and I am proud of who I am…


This is me.

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