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A little more about Gregory

My name is Greg and I am a fun-loving, urban cowboy from the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia), with a deep love of music, animals and gaming. Further to this, I am unashamedly a big, BIG fan of pretty much everything Disney (including the films!), with enthusiasm for anything related to computers, telecommunications and technology in general.

In my spare time, I am a regular gamer, an occasional contributor to the OpenStreetMap project and a semi-regular contributor to the MusicBrainz project, who is also trying to teach himself violin (I’d love to be as talented as Taylor Davis someday!).

When it comes to work, well I’ve done a bit of everything… I worked in a circus for a number of years, then I spent quite a few years in retail management (mostly telecommunications), before moving on to a career as a soldier in the Australian Army for nearly ten years. But things change and now I am once again in the market for a new career path, so I am weighing-up my options and I hope to have some employment soon (if you think you have a role suitable for me, feel free to get in touch below and I will send you a copy of my résumé!).